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Did You Know These Can Be Recycled?

By 17 June 2020July 8th, 2020No Comments

Did You Know These Can Be Recycled?

Items You Didn't Know Could Be Recycled

Here at Reliable Skip Hire Coventry, know that we need to be recycling a little more in Coventry. Less than half all plastics and plastic containers actually get recycled, and actually, if we recycled all that could be out of the rubbish that was left on the street, we’d already be recycling 48% of all household waste. So, we wanted to give a little helping hand and show you all the things you can recycle that most people didn’t realise! You most definitely have a few of these lying around the house so why not drop them at the nearest recycling point.

7 Items You Didn’t Realise Are Recyclable

  • Glasses – Eye-glasses, if in good condition still, can easily be recycled to others as they still work perfectly fine. If you make the effort to return/donate your old glasses then they can be given to the less fortunate so they can see better. This also goes for sunglasses as again if, in good condition, they can be given away to others who live in hot countries they may not be able to afford them. 
  • Batteries – Unfortunately they can’t be put into a skip which you can see why on our waste restrictions page, but you can still recycle them. There are many recycling locations dotted around in petrol stations and supermarkets where you can drop off old batteries. You could also deliver them to your local recycling center. 
  • Beauty Product Packaging – Often the misconception with this is that due to the product and cosmetics inside the packaging they can’t be recycled, but that’s not always the case! Most brands nowadays make sure they’re packaging is recyclable.
  • Inhalers – Instead of throwing these away, you can donate them back to your local pharmacy so that they can be easily recycled. 
  • Corks – Always recycle your bottle corks because this material can be used for a multitude of things like pinboards, flooring, many more! 
  • Tights – A weird one we know but they can be recycled! They are even reused in such items like benches and toys. 
  • Crayons – All your old childhood crayons can be recycled to be melted back down and made into brand new crayons. It seems simple enough but it’s something we just don’t think about.

We hope this list has helped in knowing a bit more about what items can go into the recycling. We know that we can’t recycle these things every time because we’re guilty of forgetting but we hope this makes you a little more aware so we can help the Coventry’s recycling rates. Perhaps it’s time to consider becoming a zero waste home. Also, this isn’t the extent of the list, there are many more items you didn’t realise could be reused or recycled!

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