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Need to Recycle More? How to Achieve a Zero Waste Home

By 17 June 2020July 8th, 2020No Comments

Need to Recycle More? How to Achieve a Zero Waste Home

How to Achieve Zero Waste

Recycling has now become a big part of peoples everyday lives in Coventry and all around the UK. However, with climate change still being a problem we believe we could all take it that step further and strive towards a zero waste home. In Coventry alone, each household presents an average of 15kg of rubbish daily. We’re gonna give you some tips on how to get that as close to zero as possible! 

What Does Zero-Waste Mean?

By having a zero-waste household this does not simply mean just recycling all the recyclables. It means striving to always try to never waste anything or buying anything that is one use only. It is also important to keep in mind that this doesn’t just mean rubbish that you throw in the bin. This also includes not wasting your time or money on things, it’s about helping the environment, but also about bettering your life. 

What To Do With Certain Items

Now we can imagine that you’re sat here wondering how you could ever achieve this goal especially with items like food, cleaning products, etc. That’s why we thought we lay out a few tips on achieving a zero-waste home. 

First, it’s always good to evaluate how much you waste and try to tick off some things from the get-go. Such things may include instead of buying plastic packaging for fruits, just buy the fruit itself with no packaging. This leads us on to the discussion of food. It’s always good to try to buy food with the least packaging as possible, this way you won’t be throwing out any plastic that’s unrecyclable. Another tip would be to buy items in bulk, this way many items are wrapped in one lot of waste, instead of lots of individual items in separate packaging. By always having a stocked fridge, it also means that your kitchen appliances are being used to their full potential and there’s no money or energy wastage there. 

Another way to reach a zero-waste home is by getting creative when it comes to cleaning products. We suggest looking for natural cleaning remedies instead of buying harsh chemical cleaners that can harm the environment. 

What If You Need to Renovate? 

At Reliable Skip Hire Coventry, we understand that when large building jobs and projects come along it’s going to be rather impossible to not waste. All we suggest for this is you dispose of your large amount of waste in the most eco-friendly way possible. Whether you’re in Coventry City Centre, Rugby, Hinckley, Nuneaton or one of the surrounding areas,  by hiring one of our skips we will be able to recycle all the materials that can be and rid of your rubbish in a way that won’t harm the environment. So if you are in that predicament where you need to undergo a renovation or spring clean, use our services to ensure that your waste is being recycled. 

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